COVID-19 Response

We are all in uncharted territory with coronavirus, and ultimately will rely on everyone being smart about their own safety and that of others. What COVID-19 does mean is that some things that =PR= Training Programs typically offer (offer restrooms, water, large groups training together, etc.) are restricted at the moment. We will do our best to ensure you still have a great experience even though it may look and feel a little different than it did in the past or will in the future.


Here are a few specific details/requirements to be aware of as you attend training:

• We have a virtual option — all groups will follow the same plan, whether you are in person or remote. This approach makes it easy for you to follow along if you need to quarantine due to exposure, or if you just are away or otherwise unable to attend.  

• Please STAY HOME if you have a fever, have COVID-19 symptoms, or believe you may have been exposed.  

• On days/locations that meet at a =PR= Store –– we’ll be meeting OUTSIDE, not inside the stores as a group. Runners can drop keys, etc., inside the store if they need to before going back outside. (Note that masks are required in store, but we understand that you would be taking off your mask to go out and run and will advise staff about that. You will be asked to put your mask back on post-run when you return to the store.)

• We will not be able to guarantee restroom access — please be sure to use the restroom prior to coming to a session. In some cases there may be outdoor port-a-johns at training locations, but these are unpredictable and can be locked at times.

• We ask that runners don’t huddle closely together pre- and post-run and maintain social distancing while gathering, talking, stretching, etc.  

• We will not have any common water provided. Everyone must bring their own water — we recommend a hydration device to have access to water during the session, as well as having another bottle of water (can be left in the car) for afterwards. There are a variety of hydration belts, bands and bottles available at =PR= Stores. For the longer runs, we will be setting up courses that enable us to double back past a start point so you can switch out water bottles as needed.

• These classes have fairly small groups already —  if registration increases and makes distancing more difficult, we’ll break up into smaller sub groups. Specifically, we may stagger our start times so that folks arrive amongst subgroups (of other people running at the same pace or distance) and we will send those groups out in smaller groups to avoid large group interaction.

• We will encourage you to spread out on the trail (this typically happens anyway since even 5-10 secs/mile of pace different can create a distance much larger than 6 feet of separation) and run in groups of 2-3 at the most. Everyone will be responsible for ensuring we don’t have big bunches of runners, which again, due to small group size, we don’t anticipate, but want to make sure we manage. This approach is safer overall even without COVID-19 due to the many other people, bikes, and animals that often share our trails.
Thanks in advance for working with us to keep you safe while still helping you improve your running!


We will send out a welcome email which includes the exact COVID Safety Protocols — they will vary during official meets vs. training only sessions, etc. You can expect to need to complete a form (similar to that for travel sports, going to the dentist, etc.) about any recent symptoms, exposure, travel, etc., and also to have a temperature check. You can also expect that athletes will need to bring their own fluids, wear masks except while actively training, remain distanced while in groups listening to coaches’ announcements, etc.