5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultramarathon


Beginner – Advanced Level Running, Long Distance Running, Injury Prevention, HIIT Training, PT Test Prep, Cross Training, Trail Running, Road Running. 


My focus as a coach isn’t to solely make you a faster runner or win races. I am here to help you fall in love with your sport, find joy in exercise, and meet your goals in the most well-rounded manner possible. I achieve this goal by creating plans that fit into a busy lifestyle with a combination of running, cross training, and fueling tips. In the end, my runners find that they are running their fastest times with less injuries and more energy. 


I am a USATF Level 1 Coach specializing in long distance with 5 years of coaching experience and 18 years of competitive running experience. I coached the Maclay High School Track and Field/Cross Country teams from 2016 – 2019 as a Long Distance Coach with 4 district and regional wins. I also coached the inaugural Tallahassee Community College Track and Field/Cross Country teams as the Women’s Long Distance Coach from 2017 – 2019. Additionally, during this time I coached and managed the Fleet Feet Running Club where we trained for various 5Ks and 1/2 marathons ran locally in Florida. In the summer of 2019, I moved here to Virginia where I immediately began with =PR= Training Programs 101/201 sessions as the Head Coach for the Ashburn locations. I am still happily leading this program where I have runners training as a group for distances anywhere from 2 miles to 26.2 miles.


Born in Sarasota, Florida I am all about the sunshine. I spent most of my childhood outside running barefoot in the sand so when it came to choosing a sport, track was the obvious choice. I discovered quickly that I was pretty fast and competed as a sprinter until my junior year of high school where I found my love and knack for distance running. I ran cross country until I ran collegiately in Tallahassee, Florida. Post-college, I ran my first 1/2 marathon when I was 22 and then my first 50 mile race a year later. Since then I have ran multiple 50 and 100 mile races across the country. Aside from running I am happily married with a little cat and dog. I love to kayak or be near any body of water. I also love to sing and play guitar. I have an unhealthy obsession with watching Friends or Grey’s Anatomy and I enjoy cooking and baking new recipes. 


  • Former Long Distance Collegiate athlete
  • 15 full marathons
  • 6 X 50Ks with 2 women’s wins
  • 6 X 50 Milers with 3 overall wins
  • 2 X 100Ks
  • 3 X 100 Mile races under 24 hours with 1 win
  • Western States 100 Mile Endurance race 2018 (DNF mile 80)