Frequently asked questions...

How long is the program?

This program meets weekly and is ongoing. You receive a “membership” for your fee. Once you join, you’ll be “subscribed” and continue each month until you decide to stop.

What levels of runner can join =PR= FIT?

=PR= FIT is appropriate for all levels of runner. For beginners, it’s a great way to build the strength, flexibility, and functional fitness needed for improvement. For advanced runners, it adds complementary activities to your training routine. You will do some running in this program but the majority of the session focuses on cross-functional training exercises you can then repeat at home on other days! You don’t have to be “a runner” to benefit from this class!

How is this program different than Running 101 (or the old Running 201)?

This program meets once/week and is focused on improving muscular strength, agility, and flexibility to make you a stronger runner. Running 101 is a 5K training program which will include functional training components, but also include easy running as well as interval training. Running 101 ultimately includes aspects of both Interval and =PR= Fit (so is a good option in locations that don’t offer these programs.)

Are there any discounts or coupons?

Starting in 2020, we’ve simplified pricing. All participants — new and returning — pay the same fee — and =PR= Training is covering the registration company transaction fees on your behalf. This change should reduce complications in the registration process.

At times there may be a coupon code for runners participating in a weekend distance program and complementing it with Interval Training. These athletes will be notified about the code.