Weekend Run Crew

Get some miles in with a coach and a supportive group of runners of all levels. Prep for a fall race or focus on consistency and building strength and endurance. No required distances or starting fitness level.

June 22 – October 26, 2024

Burke, Ashburn/Reston, & Vienna

Up to 18 Weekly Sessions
Program Cost: $99


Add Running 201 or the Interval Program for a reduced fee — contact us for a promo code. Active participants in this program also receive special promotions from the =PR= Store and discounts on entry to all =PR= owned races.


Sometimes the hardest part is getting out the door! The accountability of a coach and your run crew ready to get out there with you can make all the difference. Join the Weekend Run Crew to keep yourself on track for whatever your goal may be – whether it’s a race or a new level of fitness.

The Weekend Run Crew will offer coach-supported runs every week. Each session there will be a “longest” run – roughly 12 miles or more, but many runners will not be out for that distance. (If your goal is a long race, see the Run Crew + DTP for a training plan and other support.) Every other week there will also be an up-tempo speed training/workout option for anyone seeking to use the weekend as a harder session. Runners of ALL levels are welcome and encouraged to use this training group to get stronger, faster, and more consistent. We also welcome walkers and run/walkers!

In addition to weekly runs, you’ll get some great swag, access to a special =PR= Run Crew tent at selected PR Races, and monthly social and educational opportunities.