Frequently asked questions...

What is the difference between the Youth Track Team and the Youth Track Program?

The Youth Track Program provides an introduction to track and field events and is appropriate for children as young as age 4. The Youth Track Team includes more challenging workouts as well as competition opportunities. Youth age 8+ are welcome – it is not appropriate for younger athletes.

My child excels at running but never has competed. Is this program appropriate for him/her?

If your child is interested but just not experienced, he/she could certainly fit in the Youth Track Team. It provides the opportunity to begin the track meet experience. That said, if competition makes him/her nervous, you could certainly start in the Youth Track Program and get a comfort level first.

Is Youth Track Team offered in the summer or fall?

No, the Youth Track Team follows the outdoor track competition season, which is only in the spring/early summer. We encourage Team participants to continue training in the standard Youth Track Program during the summer and fall – coaches will ensure they are challenged sufficiently.