Frequently asked questions...

I'm just a beginner. Is there a training plan for me?

Yes, we have two different training plans, one for Beginner/Intermediate runners and one for Intermediate/Advanced runners. Both have ranges of distance and effort levels within them, allowing you to personalize your plan even more. Runners can choose the plan to follow and may find that they switch course if they find themselves struggling, or by contrast, more prepared than they thought.

I’m just a beginner and I like the idea of training with other people, but I’m worried I’ll be too slow and hold them up. What is the typical training pace for participants?

Over the past 20+ sessions of our Distance Training Program, we’ve seen new runners training at 16:00-18:00/mile pace and experienced ones going as fast as 8:00 pace. You aren’t too slow for this program!

One principle we do try to instill is that your training pace should be MUCH slower than your goal race pace most of the time. The purpose of most of your long runs will be to spend time on your feet and teach your body to use energy efficiently – not to practice race pace (though we do some of that too.)

I can't attend every session, is that okay?

We understand that you may miss from time to time and coaches will help you if conflicts arise. Especially in a program spanning several months, there are going to be weeks you have to miss – you’ll receive a weekly email to keep you up to date and can follow the training plan remotely.

What races are people in this program training for?

We gear the training plans toward major local marathons/half marathons and ten milers. So for the Summer/Fall, we focus on the Army Ten Miler and Marine Corps marathon. That said, programs are flexible and we often have folks preparing for earlier fall races like Chicago and Baltimore, as well as Richmond, NY, Philly and others in November.

For the Winter/Spring, we focus on the Rock ‘n Roll DC and Shamrock marathon and half-marathon, but the group also typically includes many runners preparing for other races including the Loudoun Half, Country Music, Pittsburgh, and ten mile favorites including Cherry Blossom and the GW Parkway Classic.

Are there any discounts or coupons?

Starting in 2020, we’ve simplified pricing. All participants — new and returning — pay the same fee — and =PR= Training is covering the registration company transaction fees on your behalf. This change should reduce complications in the registration process.

At times there may be a coupon code for runners participating in a weekend distance program and complementing it with a weekday program. These athletes will be notified about the code.