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Distance Training (DTP)

Completing an endurance event can be a life-changing experience. Doing it with others sharing that common goal can make the experience even more powerful. And doing it with the support and guidance of an experienced coach makes it much more realistic and manageable. With the right program design, a good dose of personal commitment and discipline, and a little bit of luck, virtually ANYONE can complete a marathon or half marathon. Already done that? Let us help you do it again, only better!

The weekly long run is the cornerstone of your preparation for a successful distance race. You will gradually increase your run volume, being careful to run at a pace that will maximize your body’s ability to recover and to use energy efficiently (coaches will provide guidance on appropriate pacing, and you may choose to train with a heart rate monitor to manage your effort level appropriately.) Some sessions will also focus specifically on your goal marathon or race pace. Typical participant paces range from run/walk at 16-18 minute miles, to 8-8:30 miles. You are not “too slow” for this program!

In addition to the weekly group long run, participants also receive guidance on what to do on their own for days the group does not meet. Interval/speed training is written into the training plan for intermediate/advanced runners. Beginners may choose to skip speed sessions, but all are invited to attend them. Train with a group for your interval training by joining a weekday program like Running 201 or Interval. Runners participating in more than one program concurrently are eligible for a discount on the second registration. Contact us for details.

Coming Spring 2023

Burke, Reston, & Virtual Option

See location details below.

Add Running 201 or the Interval Program for a reduced fee — contact us for a promo code. Active participants in the Distance Training Program also receive special promotions from the =PR= Store and discounts on entry to all =PR= owned races.

Up to 20 Weekly Sessions
Program Cost: $150


=PR= Burke
June 18 – Oct. 29
Saturdays: 6:30am

Location may vary. Coaches will communicate venue.

=PR= Reston
June 18 – Oct. 29
Saturdays: 6:30am

Occasional ‘field trips.’ Coaches will communicate venue.

Virtual DTP
June 18 – Oct. 30
Saturdays: 6:30am

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