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Training with the =PR= Interval group has been completely transformative for me. Ray’s outstanding coaching and guidance has enabled me to grow and evolve at my own pace, from a completely inexperienced runner to a two-time Boston Qualifier who dropped 19 minutes off my marathon times over the last four years. If you’re looking to improve your running under the guidance of an exceptional coach, while also forming incredible friendships along the way, this is simply the best place to be.

Diane, Interval Training

“I come from a trail running background, so when I joined PR’s program, I was hoping it would help me adjust my 10K speed just a little bit. After 6 months with Ray, my 10K time dropped by a whole 2 minutes! Two years later, and 4 minutes faster, I am still enjoying the benefits of Ray’s diligent and meticulous adjustment to my speed, endurance, mental strength and racing strategy. The most special & personal part for me is that Ray has always been there to help me through injuries, mental blocks, or even, what shoe should I wear.”

Joseph, Interval Training

“These programs are great. Each program is made up of a group of runners of all paces with great coaches that push you every step of the way to help you reach your goal.”

Mary, Running 101