Frequently asked questions...

How long is the program?

This program meets twice/week for 8 weeks. It will then be offered again if you would like to continue training, or you can also join one of our other programs.

I can’t attend every session, is that okay?

We understand that you may miss from time to time and coaches will help you if conflicts arise.

I see there will be a race at the end of the session. Do I have to do it?

While you don’t have to run a race at the end of the program, the group will pick one each session that you can race together with your training partners if you choose. You can of course train for a different event, or simply train and consider the race challenge at another time.

What type of runner should consider Running 201?

Running 201 is for intermediate runners. The expectation is that you can complete a 5K (run/walk is fine) and are seeking to get faster or extend your distance to 10K and beyond.

Are there any discounts or coupons?

Starting in 2020, we’ve simplified pricing. All participants — new and returning — pay the same fee — and =PR= Training is covering the registration company transaction fees on your behalf. This change should reduce complications in the registration process.

At times there may be a coupon code for runners participating in a weekend distance program and complementing it with a weekday program. These athletes will be notified about the code.