Frequently asked questions...

What is the difference between the Youth Track Team and the Youth Track Program?

The Youth Track Program provides an introduction to track and field events and is appropriate for children as young as age 4. The Youth Team Team includes more challenging workouts as well as competition opportunities. Youth age 8+ are welcome – it is not appropriate for younger athletes.

My child has a sibling who also will be participating in the Youth Track Program. Will they be training together?

We group the athletes loosely by age. At times a more experienced younger child may train with an older group, or an older child may choose to participate in a younger group together with a friend or sibling. There are no hard and fast “rules” – the goal is to ensure that all the participants are comfortable and challenged without being overwhelmed.

My child plays another sport and will have some conflicts. Can he/she still participate?

Yes, we are happy to have children attend as many sessions as they are able. We understand that many other sports have game schedules that change and many conflict. That said, becoming a stronger runner is an excellent way to complement training for other sports – particularly field sports!